What I Learned About Spirituality From My Dog

What I Learned About Spirituality From My Dog

Some of you may know my dog, Harpo. He has been a huge blessing in my life and even within this business. He has even taught me so much about my spiritual practice as well. So here's a few things that I learned from Harpo and hopefully can teach you too!

1. Boundaries

I got Harpo from the shelter and he was scared an unsure. He's very reactive to new and scary situations so if he's overstimulated or scared he won't let you pet him. Being able to watch him assert his own boundaries has made me more confident in my own boundaries. So if you are feeling unsure or scared in any situation don't be afraid to hold down your boundaries and say that you're not ready.

2. Patience

Harpo was recently in a cone and it was quiet frustrating for him, but watching him persist was inspiring. He couldn't figure out how to pick up his toy without his paws since his cone was in the way but he kept trying and eventually figured out a way to pick up his toy without his paws. What he tells you is, be patient when trying something new and eventually you'll pick it up too!

3. Rest

Harpo will nap and rest whenever possible. He'll rest and then come back to a problem that was frustrated with earlier. He shows the importance of rest to reset. If you are trying something new in your spiritual practice, it's important to take a break to really let the new info settle.

So here's to new journeys and learning new things. I hope Harpo can be inspiration to you all.

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