Using Your Clair Senses to  Feel Your Ancestor's Presence

Using Your Clair Senses to Feel Your Ancestor's Presence

You absolutely have the ability to connect and sense your ancestor's energy. First we need to talk about what clair-senses are. Simply put, it's the way we experience our intuition and how we understand without needing reasoning.

Main Clair-Senses:

-Clairvoyant: Clear sight. 

-Clairaudient: Clear hearing

-Clairsentient: Clear feeling

-Claircognizant: Clear knowing

So how can we use these senses to feel our ancestors?

If you're clairvoyant you may be able to visualize very easily or have very vivid dreams. What you can do so try inviting your ancestors to visit you in your dreams. It helps to call on an ancestor for a specific need when you first get started. It's important to journal any details as soon as you wake up so you don't forget them through the day.

Another method you can try is following along with The Ancestor Activation Meditation to practice your visualization skills.

If you are working on your clairaudience you may be hearing ringing in your ears or can hear all parts of song. You may even hear actual voices and sounds that aren't coming from this physical realm. If this is something that kind of freaks you out then you need to work through that fear of hearing. What you can do is ask your ancestors to open up your hearing to only those here for your highest good. Ask your ancestors to send you signs through sounds you are familiar with to start like birds chirping, meowing, etc.

Try this Curse Breaker meditation to help you through blockages.

Clairsentience can be gut feelings or even you feeling other people's emotion or pain. You may using this sense without even being aware of it! My favorite way to connect with my ancestor is asking them to present themselves with a sensation on certain parts of the body. 

For example: Ask your ancestor on your mothers side to show you what side of your body they will show up on. The more you connect and the more specific you get with your ancestors the more specific the sensations and locations can be. But I like using this method as an easy way to know what side of the family my ancestors are from.

If you're claircognizant you may just know things without having any info about it first. To develop this sense you can ask your ancestors something that can be confirmed through other methods such as tarot. This one takes a lot of practice and patience and trust. Trust your first instinct when it comes. The more you trust yourself the less you'll need to double check your answers.

If you want to develop your clair-sense sign up for the 4 week spiritual development program Altar Within.


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