3 Ways to enegetically prepare for Spooky Season

3 Ways to enegetically prepare for Spooky Season

The fall season is famously known for connecting with Spirits. A lot of people, including myself, are more sensitive to the extra energy coming through to our earthly plane. So what are some ways you can protect your energy and get your space ready for your ancestors?


Adding extra levels of protection can help filter out the extra energy from Spirit. I usually add extra protection on my physical body by either braiding my hair or using jewelry blessed by my ancestors.

This guide to basic energy protection has different methods of protection to explore and layer for your personal use.

Get emotionally ready

When you are starting to connect with your ancestors a lot of emotions can come up. Past lessons or traumas have been passed through generations and now are inside of you. Understanding and being gentle with yourself during this time is an important reminder in your ancestor connection journey.

Try this meditation to help you through emotional blocks.

Start Connecting

If you’ve been wanting to connect with your ancestors in your spiritual practice, this is the time! I find that the energy is easier to connect to and feel. Start by acknowledging their presence and inviting them into your space/their altar and talk to them everyday!

If you want to feel their energy try this meditation!

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