Only 3 spots available for RENEW this month

Only 3 spots available for RENEW this month

Let’s tap into your energetic body and see how imbalances are manifesting in your physical.

One of my clients experienced a breakup recently. They were blocking themself off from feeling their emotions and letting their emotions process.

Over time their shoulders started to feel tight and tense from the built up emotional tension in their heart center. Their head would hurt and after assessing the energetic body we found out it was due to the heart blockage, letting the energy build up into the head, with no where to go.

With some work, we were able to start the process of acknowledging their emotions and letting it flow. We opened energetic lines in the body for the energy to move through the body properly.

They are now following advice that came through from their spirit team. These things can take time to heal but we can help and understand the process.

This is just one way energy healing has helped someone. If this sounds like you or you’re interested in how RENEW can help you, Email me so we can set up some time to chat.
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