How I Do Charm Readings

How I Do Charm Readings

There are a few methods I use to do your charm readings. It can really depend on the questions or just a feeling that I have to do it a certain way. These methods can help get clearer insights on specific questions.

Casting Mat

First I'll grab a handful of charms and drop it over my casting mat. I typically don't look at every single charm or section. I focus on areas related to the question(s) the querent has asked. If a client asked about financial situations, I'll remove all the charms not in the Work, Money, or Abundance sections. I'll even keep charms in the Begin, Release, or Create sections to see what the client can do/avoid to help them get to where they need. 

This is what the mat looks like "cleaned up." I get a more question focused answers and insights to the situation. I often keep the charms in the certain since, to me, they represent where the client is right now. In this situation, if the client was asking about money, it looks pretty good with the dragonfly in the money section. However, cupid represents finding that perfect match and to get to the money they want they need to let go of the perfect idea of how the money will come.

The Card

Next, I have this mini casting card. I use it for more general questions like "What do I need to know right now?" I do the same method as the mat and grab a handful of charms and drop it over the card. This card isn't really over crowded with information but for this example I'll clear out any charms not related to the questions. If I was doing an email reading I could keep all the charms on there and go into details about their meanings and overall message.

In this situation, it was just a general question. I would focus on the message from subconscious, soul, the divine. I even included Where I'm Being Guided section because I felt it was relevant to this reading. If a charm sticks out, I will keep it and see how it ties into the overall message. Here, it seems like the message is to slow down and treat yourself (I always like to treat myself with fries!).

Just Grab Some

My next method is to literally just pick some from my bag of charms. I have about 80 charms to pick from. I mix them around while connecting to the client's energy and pick some charms. I'll see how they connect to each other or if any feelings or sensations come up. This method is often used for IG story readings or mini readings.

Email readings will typically be the first method since it can include different sections of your life. Sometimes I'll incorporate all the methods in one reading. It depends on the questions, situations, and feelings. I'll even look at the charms that get stuck in the bag since that can represent areas of your life that you may feel literally stuck in. I even look to see which charms that landed off the mats, how far they landed, and how they landed.

There are many ways to read charms and each reading is unique to the client and what charms I read is based of you, the questions, and where your guides lead me. Hope this helped you understand what to expect from your charm reading!

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