Harpo's 4 Tips For Manifesting

Harpo's 4 Tips For Manifesting

You have all your crystals and spiritual tools and now you're asking the Universe, Spirit Team, ancestors, etc for everything you want. But it's not working, what am I doing wrong? Here's what you can do to help level up your manifestations.

1. Leave offerings

If someone asks Harpo  to do tricks like 'sit' or 'shake' he fully expect treats or a "GOOD BOY!" Are you giving your Spirit Team something in exchange? When you leave out an offering for your Team you are feeding them energy. It takes massive amount of energy to translate/transform energy into the physical world. 

2. Be very specific

You tell Harpo the "down" command and now he's confused because not on anything, but what you really meant was "lay down". With Harpo you have to be specific in what you're asking him and same with the Universe. You ask the universe for money because you need to pay some bills but you never specified how much. You find a dollar on the floor, cool but it can't pay the bills. Well, how were they supposed to know how much you needed? Ask the universe for a specific number. For example. "I need $1,000 or more for rent"

3. Keep it open ended

Let's refer back to the last example. I added "or more" to the end of my request to allow some room for the universe to work. If you just ask for exactly $1000, it'll make it very difficult to create ways and opportunities to get that specific amount.

4. Be open minded and Ask for signs

Remember that the Universe works in mysterious ways. If you ask for a coffee, don't be surprised if it comes up as a coffee emoji from a friend (true story). If you ask for money, expect to be getting job offerings or opportunities. Ask for signs that this is what you asked for. Some signs you can ask for certain song to play, specific angel numbers, a specific animal, etc. It's like paying attention to Harpo's body language to see if he's stressed or anxious.  If you pay attention to the signs  you can definitely see if your manifestations are on the way or not.


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