Harpo's Favorite Crystals for Protection

If you work closely with people, whether that be customer service to healthcare, you are exchanging energy with people you come into contact with. Sometimes other people's energy can be extremely draining so you need to protect yourself so you don't pick up that energy. 


Our favorite protection combination is definitely Selenite and Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is great for blocking out negative energies and selenite clears it and transmute the energy. Together they make a sort of energetic vacuum that blocks out and clears all unwanted energies.


You can carry each in your pockets or wear as jewelry. You can carry one of each in your front pocket or wear a necklace and imagine that energy surrounding you and blocking out all other energies not there for your highest good. If you decide to carry the crystals we suggest to use the tumbled form. Raw forms of this crystal can chip off pretty easily.


To protect your home, put both these crystals on top of your front door. This way whatever energy you pick up from your day can be wiped off before entering your home. To be a little extra you can even add the crystals on each corner of your door for extra cleansing and to make sure you're not bringing all that unwanted energy into your home.


Another way to protect your home is to put the crystals in each corner and imagine the energy creating a shield around your home. I have my bigger piece of selenite and black tourmaline as a "center of power" to connect all the grystals to make a power grid of protection.


To protect yourself in your sleep, we suggest putting black tourmaline under your bed and selenite on your bedstand. If you can not put it under your bed you can put crystals on both sides to protect you while you sleep.


It's always good to make sure you're energetically protected and you can't go wrong with selenite and black tourmaline. 
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