Embody your ancestral gifts and start sharing your healing with the world.

The Healer's Journey is group coaching program to nourish your inner healer, develop your gifts, and share your ancestral medicines.

With support from your Ancestral Guide, Desiree, and the community of like minded souls, you will discover your own spiritual gifts and ancestral wisdom, deepen your connection with your intuition, and start to embody your inner healer.

In 4 weeks you will learn different to effectively connect with energy, how to use healing methods aligned with your energy, learn to work with your ancestors in healing, and more!

The journey of a healer should not be taken alone. With the support of your community, you will get the opportunity to practice your healing with live feedback, experience different types of energy, and develop your practice with confidence.

You’ll experience ancestral healing and connection, shadow work, activations, meditations, and most importantly...community.

This is a journey to discover the healer that you truly are.

Summer Program starts July 21.

This program is for you if...

-You have been called to be a healer and want to start exploring those gifts.

-You have felt other methods of energy healing such as Reiki aren't aligned to your energy, beliefs, or practices.

-You want a more authentic healing practice that is aligned with your energy.

-You want to connect to and start sharing your ancestral medicines

-You feel like you have had past lives or ancestors that were healers and they are calling out to you to reconnect.

Your journey starts here.

Your Ancestral Guide On This Journey

Hello! My name is Desiree and I have been where you are. I have felt to call to be a healer and a helper to others. Other traditional" paths like nursing, EMT, or therapist didn't feel aligned in my body. I always felt like there was more I can do.

I felt that I was alone and had to figure out this path alone. I did reiki and massage therapy and that started feeling closer to my goals but it still didn't feel right, It wasn't until I found other people like me and mentors to help guide me that I realized I have so much more to offer than just reiki. I learned that everyone has their unique energy signatures and has their own medicines to share.

This is why I created The Healer's Journey. This is for those who have felt like me and know that there is more! I want to help you discover your own gifts so you can start sharing your magic. The world NEEDS your magic.

I can't wait to start this journey with you!



What you get:

-Four (4) Weeks of live group coaching calls held on Sundays

- One (1) 30 minute private progress check in and coaching

-Private community page for members of The Healer's Journey

-Access to recorded calls and power points after the program is over.

-Opportunity to gain clients and practice outside of the group

Program cost: $333

Summer program starts July 21. Applications open July 1st!

Payment plans available.